Accelerating recruitment with AI

Reading resumes with AI

Layke is an intelligent screening and matching solution for recruiters to fill open positions faster. It analyzes resumes intelligently before they get to human eyes, who can then match candidates based on the data Layke has collected. 


A new way to screen and match candidates faster

In a data-driven environment, Layke is redefining the processes of candidate screening and matching. We integrate the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques to automate recruiting and enrich it with additional value through advanced screening and predictive analytics.

Automated resume screening in three steps


Using artificial intelligence, our algorithm extracts relevant information from a resume, such as experience and skills. 


Supported by deep learning, Layke can identify and analyze the data from a profile that is set based on given requirements and organizes it into a structured form.


After analyzing all candidates, Layke creates a defined value for each profile and then matches the résumés with relevant jobs.

Providing a faster and smarter way to recruit

Layke can help recruiters:

  • Extract key information from thousands of resumes at once
  • Automatically analyzes and selects experience and additional information relevant to the job description
  • Match résumes with jobs based on relevance, as well as finding jobs that match the résumés
  • Understanding of various concepts, synonyms, abbreviations, and spelling mistakes without devaluing candidates’ profiles
  • Present most relevant candidates based on intelligent evaluation in short time

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